Mind These Key Checklists before You Fly For Overseas Education

Overseas Education

Getting an education in a foreign land is a dream pursuit for many Indian students. However, dream and reality present quite a contrary approach to the same concept. To say otherwise, some key things require your attention before you fly for overseas education. Read what they are…

Study abroad checklists:

Documentation – Entrance to any foreign country stands in denial due to the absence of valid documentation. Therefore, support yourself with concrete documents such as Passports, a copy of your CV, academic credentials, recommendation letter, statement of purpose, receipt of Visa fees, and other key documents. In case of confusion still clouds your judgment, better consult a reliable overseas education consultant in Delhi.

Get feedbacks of those studying abroad – Experience of students studying abroad or who have been there will be of paramount importance for you to understand cultural contexts, struggles and study programs at educational institutes of your dream education land.

Do financial arrangement – Before you commit to any foreign education program, make sure it is funded. The exorbitant cost of overseas education is indeed a concerning subject for students. While some students may qualify for loans/grants, most of them remain deprived of such privilege. If in doubt, get assisted by a good overseas education consultant in Delhi.

Have physical check-ups done – Visit a clinic or a hospital, and get yourself diagnosed. Ensure if your health is in good shape. Climatic situations in other countries may not be conducive to your body, which further explains the necessity of medical examination and specific treatment for your planned overseas education trip.

Overseas travel insurance – Health insurance plays a vital role for Indian students dreaming of education abroad. Check your existing health policy (if any) if it covers your health conditions during the overseas stay. Try buying a new health insurance policy specifically meant for overseas care.

Be your trip known to dear ones – Let your relatives, friends or family know about you going to a foreign land for education. This may prove to be an invaluable local connection for you. Do not go for overseas education anonymously.

Other key checklists:

  • Be familiar with the social customs of the country you tend to visit for education purpose.
  • If planning for sightseeing, make sure you are not budget-constraint. Seek budget-friendly travel guides in the country designed for students.
  • Have emergency contact number of the police station, fire department, etc. with you in your host country.

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